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Strolling the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Come explore the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with me. Beginning at Love Park, stroll the American version of Paris' Champs-d'Elysees. While known for its many museums and public structures, we will explore some smaller scale structures as well as the tallest buildings in Philadelphia.

Starting at the Swann Fountain, we work our way around the fountain, circling the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Created out of the City Beautiful Movement that was inspired by the World Columbian Exposition, we will see a mix of 19th and 20th century iconic buildings. From Mitchell Giurgola's INA Tower and United Way buildings to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. We will pass the very different Barnes and Rodin museums, see the Art Museum up aways, and then turn south, passing some of the tallest and newest buildings in the city. We will finish up at Suburban Station.

The Parkway