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Learn about Philly's History & Secrets with Our Philadelphia Architecture Tour Guide

Philadelphia sightseeing has never been easier or more fun than with phillyPHAT. We give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of the nation's first cities with interesting and informational architecture tours. Book a tour with us today and gain a greater appreciation for the history of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the buildings that remain, and the people behind the creation of those buildings. 

Architecture Walking Tours

Get to know the city by learning more about Philadelphia historical sites from Colonial times to the present. Our tours focus on the various styles of architecture throughout Philadelphia. Step back in time with us as we discuss why these buildings were built and their original purpose. Get to know the architect behind each structure, how the buildings were constructed, and what is significant or unique about the structure. You can choose tours of Old City and Society Hill, Center Square, the Parkway, or customize your own tour.

Our guided walking tours focus on building exteriors. Afterward, feel free to explore many of the buildings that offer guided tours of the interiors (not a part of these tours). Also, please be prepared to walk for 3 hours as we have much to cover in each tour!


Discovering Colonial Philadelphia to Now 
We will visit a number of notable properties during the Old City / Society Hill walking tour. We will see buildings that go back almost to the founding of the city in 1682, up to buildings currently under construction. Georgian, Federal, and many Revival styles will be seen along the way.

Some of the buildings we will visit include:

Elfreth's Alley | Christ Church | Franklin Ghost House | Carpenter's Hall | Independence Hall | The Atheneum | Head House Square | Society Hill Towers | Merchant's Exchange |And Much More

Learn about colonial times on our fun Philadelphia architecture tour

Exploring Philadelphia's Gilded Age to Now 
The Center Square Walking Tour will also take you by some of Philadelphia's most prominent buildings. The buildings in this area are mostly from the mid-1800s through the present. Styles range from Beaux Arts to Chicago and International style.

Some of the buildings we will visit include:

Reading Terminal |City Hall | The Masonic Temple | The Academy of Music | The Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building | Wanamaker Department Store | Union League | Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts | And Much More

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Strolling the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Come explore the Benjamin Franklin with us. Beginning at Love Park, stroll the American version of Paris' Champs-Elysees. While known for its many museums and public structures, we will explore some smaller scale structures as well as the tallest building in Philadelphia.

Some of the buildings we will visit include:

Suburban Station | United Fund | Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul | Mormon Church |Family Court and the Free Library | Barnes Foundation | Rodin Museum | Art Museum | and Much More

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Hamilton - The Tour where it Happens!
Alexander Hamilton - Revolutionary War hero, Washington's aide-de-camp, member of the Constitutional Convention, author of the Federalist Papers, first Secretary of the Treasury - the list goes on and on.

Hamilton spent a good deal of time here in Philadelphia (some even with his short-lived mistress Maria Reynolds), and we explore his life and the places here. We will meet a cast of characters along the way, such as George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, among others.
Come join me on this fun-filled tour into the life and times of one of the truly remarkable Founding Fathers. You know you want to be on the tour where it happens, the tour where it happens. Just sign up and, click BOOM!

You are sure to enjoy our Philadelphia history tours

Come join us for a tour today! We charge $200.00 per tour, which includes up to 4 people. There is an additional fee for tours of more than four people.

Schedule & Provisions
Be prepared for a fun tour! Each tour lasts three hours. Water bottles are provided.

Time, Endurance, Physical Restrictions, or Small Group?
Our standard Philly tours are designed for up to 4 people and 3 hours of walking. If this doesn't fit your needs, please contact us, and we will design a Philadelphia architecture tour that does.