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Discovering Colonial Philadelphia up Till Now

With over a 300-year history, from the Revolutionary War to its revitalization in the past 50 years, book a tour and come experience Philadelphia with me.

Every building has a story to tell, from the materials, technology, and styles favored when it was constructed, to the people who designed, built, lived and worked there. Events of historic proportion take place in and around buildings as well. Come with me on this journey to discover all of the secrets each building on our tour is waiting to tell us about colonial Philadelphia.

We will be walking through Old City and Society Hill, visiting the oldest continuously occupied residential street in the United States, and seeing the same buildings the Founding Fathers worked and worshiped in. Whether your interest is architecture, American History, visiting the places where Ben Franklin and George Washington lived and worked, or humming a tune from the Hamilton play as we experience Philadelphia as the Capitol of the United States, our historic Philadelphia tours are for you!

If you’re interested in colonial Philadelphia, contact us today