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Spirits of Our Founding Fathers

Beginning on Elfreth’s Alley, we wind our way through Old City Philadelphia, visiting important buildings, learning about the people and events that occurred at each one. We stop at Pinot Boutique, a wine lover's playground and sample a flight of wine the colonists would have enjoyed. After some more history, our next stop is City Tavern, a business which John Adams called the "most genteel tavern in America", and a favorite meeting place of some of the Founding Fathers and members of the First Continental Congress. Here we try beers that Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton enjoyed as well as some Madeira wine.

We end at the Pennsylvania State House, aka Independence Hall. We will learn all about the building and events that have made this one of the most visited buildings in the world. For those interested, we will head into the Bourse Building nearby to visit Taps Fill Station which has a selection of beers as well as cider, wine, cocktails and mead, all on draft. 

City Tavern

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